Cool Google Facts.


  1. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button does not show advertisements, and 1% of people use it. So Google has to cough up an estimated $110 MILLION DOLLARS per year for the use of the I’m Feeling Lucky button!
  2. In one year, the competing search engine, “Bing”, had its most popular search trend to be GOOGLE! This actually wasn’t a big surprise because Microsoft was the only reason why Bing still exists.
  3. The deep web is EXTREMELY BIG. Even google can only get 1% of the internet that is not in the deep web.
  4. Every day, there is a 16% increase how many COMPLETELY NEW searches that have been made.

Parappa the Rapper 2 Review (9.4/10)

Parappa the Rapper is a series without much publicity in other games besides an appearance in PlayStation all stars. After the appearance there, he wasn’t seen very active in any other game. The last couple of games were made in the 90’s/2000’s. And some wondered “What happened to the series?” Lets find out.

Parappa the Rapper 2 is a rhythm game created in 2001/2002 developed by NanaOn-Sha featuring Parappa the Rapper, and his love interest, Sunny. The game starts out with the main character, Parappa, winning a lifetime supply of noodles. And then, a lot of noodle related events happen with no connection with Parappa’s winnings. Parappa is just completely fed up with noodles. Its his job to figure out what is actually going on in the first place, and then solve it.

Although the story isn’t its strongsuit, it has alot of things to do once you beat the main storyline. You can battle the cpu, play with a friend, and replay levels. All the characters are very memorable and all have different characteristics. The characters all share one thing in common, a motivation to be yourself. They say “Go to your own beat!” and, “Do your own thing!”, yet whenever you fail to repeat a single exact word, you will have a really bad time. At least the music is catchy! So in the end, Parappa the Rapper gets a 9.4/10